Bathtub Cut Outs

Bathtub cut-out Fort Lauderdale

Bathtub Cut Outs in Florida

Whether you are in a nursing home or private residence, we can help restore independence to the elderly or disabled by converting your bathtub to a shower by adding a bathtub cut out.

Bathtub Cut-Outs can save you 80% over the cost of a full shower replacement!

Want to restore independence for an elderly parent or a disabled loved one? You can accomplish this with a safety tub cut out conversion. We can convert your bathtub(porcelain, steel, acrylic or fiberglass) into a shower unit. This can be done while saving you approximately 80% the cost of remodeling. The tub to shower conversion process involves removing a section of the bathtub wall and thus creating easy access in and out of the bathtub. Contact us today to consult on the best options for creating walk through access in your existing bathtub.

The tub cut converts your existing tub into a shower by making it safer to step through instead of over the side of the tub. It can be installed in less than a day, and we can often get the job done in the same week. The cutouts are designed to reduce the danger of slipping and falling when getting into and out of a bathtub. The cutout helps to create a safe home bathroom environment for seniors and the mobility impaired.

We will deliver professional, courteous, honest and attentive bathtub cutout services.

For more information about our bathtub cutouts or to schedule an estimate, call us today.

Bathtub cut-out Fort Lauderdale