Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Fort Lauderdale

You spend week's painstakingly picking cabinets and researching countertops only to find that the price for making your kitchen beautiful is way above your budget. A couple from Fort Lauderdale was referred to Refinishers where they found out that they were able to refinish their Kitchen at a fraction of the cost. They were doubtful, but checked it out anyway—and they were amazed it worked!.

They paid less than a thousand dollars to refinish for base and upper cabinets, side and panels.

Sometimes doing some good research can be the key to a successful kitchen remodeling project. The amazing savings that had allowed them to jump on remodeling their bathroom. The upstairs bath in her 1951 Orange Tiled bathroom was in bad shape. The tube was decorated with a rust-stained tub and old fashioned orange tile floor. With the savings from refinishing the kitchen, she asked her contractor to squeeze in tweaks to the one upstairs. He offered her a stash of marble tile—left over from another job—at half price! The refinishing company was able to change the color of the extra tile to match the color she was looking for.

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